Poured Concrete Wall Crack & Leak Injection Specialists

The Crack Team’s pressure-injection process for waterproofing cracks involves our exclusively-formulated TeamSeal® and TeamFlex® products, which are designed to permanently waterproof and seal cracks and voids in poured concrete walls.
Cracks in poured concrete walls will happen. Concrete is inherently susceptible to cracking and can alarm even the most knowledgeable homeowner.

If you’ve seen any of the following examples in your basement:

The Crack Team is your answer! Since 1985 The Crack Team has specialized in poured concrete wall crack injection waterproofing. Every day we provide permanent and cost-effective solutions to one of the biggest problems facing homeowners: waterproofing of cracked and leaking poured concrete foundation walls.

So use who the pro’s use! For 37 years The Crack Team has worked closely with realtors, builders, inspectors, contractors, engineers, property managers, apartment/condominium managers and professionals to permanently waterproof leaking poured concrete. We can quickly and affordably waterproof your foundation-related leaks. All of our poured concrete crack injection waterproofing repairs come with a life-of-structure warranty which is transferable at no charge regardless of changes in ownership.

Cracked and Leaking Poured Concrete Injection Waterproofing Services:

Rod Holes

Basement walls are constructed by pouring concrete between two forms. These forms are connected by rods typically about 5/8″. After the concrete has solidified, the forms and these rods are removed, leaving hundreds of holes in the foundation wall. During construction, the foundation contractor will typically plug the holes with a small amount of concrete and eventually this tiny amount of concrete will fail and cause basement leaks.

I-Beam Pockets

After the I-beam support has been placed in the cutout of the foundation wall, concrete is packed around the beam to connect to the poured concrete wall. Eventually this concrete will loosen and break the seal causing leakage.

Foundation Wall Cracks

Sill Plates

The sill plate is where the home’s framing sits on the foundation wall. Between the framing and the concrete foundation wall, there is a seal. This seal can fail, especially if the ground/landscaping has been built up above the sill plate

Utility Service Lines: Water, Gas, Septic, Wells

Window Ledges

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