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Since 1985, The Crack Team has specialized in waterproofing foundations and crack repair. Our reputation for quality work and unparalleled customer service has made us the industry leader in foundation crack repair. Our pressure-injection process eliminates the need to dig and provides a cost-effective solution for stopping water from penetrating cracked or leaking concrete walls, without the need for expensive interior drain systems.


When The Crack Team waterproofs a crack by injection, from the inside of your basement, the waterproofing resin custom forms a barrier inside of the crack and extends to the most external point. And best of all, it is permanent, quick, clean, and cost-effective.

Before finishing your basement or selling your home, call The Crack Team for your foundation crack repair & waterproofing needs.


We back the crack! The Crack Team’s Lifetime-of-the-Structure ‘Happy Crack Warranty’ gives homeowners peace of mind. Once a crack is waterproofed by The Crack Team, it’s waterproofed forever. And, our warranty is transferable at no charge, regardless of changes in ownership. Find out why tens of thousands of realtors, home builders, contractors, engineers, and home inspectors rely on The Crack Team for their foundation waterproofing needs.

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Life-of-Structure warranty

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“After 27 years of putting up with a wet basement, The Crack Team fixed it right the first time and they guaranteed their work. They arrived on time, repaired the cracks and guaranteed their work with a ‘Lifetime of the Structure’ warranty.”

Louise C.